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Studio News: Fall Open House and New Classes Now Enrollinginvite open house aug 29Hello! Coming up on August 29th from 4 pm-7pm we’re having an Open House. Everyone is invited (bring a friend!) It’s a great chance to visit the studio, meet some of the instructors, check out our new class offerings, and view a show of work by some of our students (by the way, we have some extremely talented students!). We hope you’ll come by and visit and maybe even sign up for a class or workshop that day!

In the meantime, check out the page of new classes and workshops here and some after school classes for children here. I’ll be adding more as time goes by. Let me know if you have any questions-


Fall Classes and Workshops

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Well! Looks like I am long overdue for a blog post ( yikes, last one was 7 months ago!).  I was certainly going to post something special on our studio school’s first anniversary, but that came and went last September.  Then, I  planned to post a new year’s blog, recounting all the wonderful things that have been going on in the studio over the past year, but now the time for that is almost past too.  The good news is the reason I haven’t been posting is because we’ve been so busy with classes, making art, and managing Tom’s growing sales this past year.  So, no complaints from me. The studio, and the studio school, are thriving and we’re loving it. I do hope to post more often here. I will be updating some sections of this site over the next few days- including adding a lot of pictures of all the great artwork that has been generated in classes and workshops over the past one and a half years.  Also, I do tend to post more often on facebook so if you would like to keep up my posts there, go and like our studio’s facebook page.

I will also be posting about Tom’s latest commission that he is in the process of painting right now. Very exciting !

In the meantime- I will direct you over to our class schedule and hope that we will see you soon in the studio!

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Two Angels on Display in Gallery Shows This Month

Tom  was invited to be in two gallery shows this month, and coincidentally, both wanted to feature sculptural pieces he did in the 1980’s, and both pieces represent angels made of steel and scrap metal.

angel wiith uzi take 3

The first piece called ” Angel with Uzi” (above) was completed in 1986 and is now being included in a show entitled : Washington Art Matters: 1940’s-1980’s, held at the Katzen Arts Center, at American University, from June 15th -August 11th. This show is based on a book with the same name written by Jean Lawler Cohen, Elizabeth Tebow, Sidney Lawrence, and Benjamin Forgey. noname-7It is an honor to be included in this show of some 80-90 DC artists.  After graduating from the Corcoran in 1985, Tom had numerous one-person shows in DC, some at Walker, Ursitti, and McGinnis Gallery in the Shaw neighborhood, and then later at Troyer, Fitzpatrick, Lassman Gallery on Dupont Circle. He participated in several group shows at the Washington Project for the Arts as well.

“Angel with Uzi” was purchased by Washington art collector, Herb White.  (see 1989 Museum and Arts article ) As it turns out his estate can no longer keep this piece and has it for sale. If interested, please contact us.

Another angel sculpture that is being exhibited this summer is called Iroquois Angel and/or The Spirit of Victory. This sculpture was part of Tom’s larger installation called Drums Along the Niagara, which he made during his stay at New York State’s Artist-in-Residence Program at Artpark, in Lewiston, NY, in 1989.

Artpark was a great program that invited artists to spend 4-8 weeks during a summer to work on a proposed installation on site, which also allowed for the public to view the artists in action.

Tom’s piece consisted of three main parts: a winged figure on top of a column of oil drums, a pyramid made of oil drums, and a stone well, complete with a medusa head sculpture and a functioning fountain, all placed on the top of a plateau, near the Niagara River.

Mullany147778-R1-E006 Mullany147774-R1-E001

The figurative part of the installation was found years later at Artpark, in 1997. It had been too large for Tom to transport home so he had had to leave it behind. It was all but forgotten, until Irene Rykaszewski and Eva Nicklas of the Lewiston Arts Council found it, stored on the Artpark property.

Through much effort and dedication, by many people ( see news articles below), the sphere and figure part of the piece were eventually restored and installed permanently in the Joseph Davis Riverfront State Park in Lewiston in 1999.Iroquois Angel 2Iroquois Angel 3Mullany147774-R1-E002

A large photo of the original Artpark installation will be part of a show called 40 for 40: 40 Alumni Artists for Artpark’s 40th Anniversary Celebration, opening July 1, 2013, at the Lewiston Council for the Arts Center.

See some of Tom’s other sculpture here.

The Winery Barn Mural is Finished!

Finally, the weather cooperated and the last two days of work were sunny and precipitation free. Tom put the finishing touches on last night just before sunset. I went back today to photograph. It looks perfect and everyone at the winery seems to love it! Yay!  Here are a few photos taken late this morning but I will definitely go back soon, maybe sometime in the later hours of the day, to get it without the strong shadows.  If you want to check it out and maybe even have a nice glass of wine or two, you can get directions to the Winery at Bull Run here. Wonderful place to go on an early summer evening or Saturday afternoon, or anytime really! This weekend they have a music festival happening so call ahead if you want tickets.DSC_0001

And more progress….

Still extremely windy out there today!  Standing on the scaffolding with the plastic tarp flapping up and down wildly made it feel like we were on a ship all day.  A little chilly, too. But, all in all, it was a good day of painting and almost every surface is now covered. The end is in sight.DSC_0016

Day Two of Painting the Barn Mural at the Winery

Finally, the sun came out and work on the painting can progress- these photos are from the second day of painting.  Heading back to the site today, hoping to accomplish a lot.  We have a Friday deadline as there is a big music festival going on at the winery this Saturday and Sunday. Shouldn’t be a problem- the weather report says clear skies for the next 3 or 4 days.  You can check out winery’s Bluebell Music Festival here.




More photos later today…

New Project: Barn Painting at The Winery at Bull Run

Last year, Tom completed a mural for the tasting room at The Winery at Bull Run, located in Centerville, Va.  It’s a beautiful room with a lot of natural wood and stone accents, one side all windows with a view of the rolling fields. The mural spans the area behind the bar. It depicts a view of the First Battle of Bull Run, complete with regiments from both sides poised to fire the first shots of battle, and all the onlookers from DC who came to picnic on that fateful day.

The winery has been doing great since they opened, with lots of different events happening there on the grounds. It is in a wonderful location, it sits adjacent to the Manassas battlefield and is a quick get away for DC folks, being the closest winery to the city.


A few months ago the owner decided he needed a barn/ storage shed and wanted to enhance the building with a barn painting, and so he called Tom.


Together, they decided that a 20’s era advertisement would be a good theme and Tom came up with many possibilities.  Here is the design that was chosen.sketch-barn- TWBR-DSC_0046-twbr

Despite the weather, Tom and his assistant Ewa started the drawing yesterday. They got a good bit done considering the threat of rain all day! Today, he is mixing colors and when it stops raining…… Thursday, Friday? he’ll be back to work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned ~ we’ll post more photos soon as the mural progresses! You can click follow in the lower left corner if you’d like to receive updates.

Commissioned Art

     Tom recently completed a commissioned painting of a family’s homestead for a client who wanted to commemorate the long held property that was being sold. A painting can sometimes do what photos cannot easily do, which is capture some deeper meanings embedded in the subject, or offer a more complete view that is not attainable in one photograph.

   A commission in art was at one time only the privilege of the rich and powerful. Rulers and governments commissioned artists to design pieces that often glorified the kingdom or state. During the Renaissance, the Church became a regular patron of the arts commissioning such great works as The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, and of course, the most famous art commission of all time, the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo, commissioned by Pope Julius II. Later, individual patrons of the arts began commissioning works of art and many artists’ work was supported by these patrons.  Nowadays commissions are much more commonplace and accessible. Family and individual portraits are the most frequently commissioned paintings but there is an endless number of reasons and subjects that can inspire a commission.

    Over the years, Tom has completed hundreds of commissioned artworks, everything from family and house portraits, to specially painted murals and furniture for clients’ homes.  While he spends a lot of time in his studio painting his own compositions, he is also periodically working on a commissioned project initiated by a client and has said he enjoys this contact with patrons and has learned a lot from the process.

Not a traditional posed family portrait, but a more contemporary looking painting that captures a more casual family moment

Not a traditional posed family portrait, but a more contemporary style painting that captures a casual family moment

A beautiful image of a house in the newly fallen now, a house portrait does not always have to be an architectural rendering of the building but can depict more intimately time spent there.

A beautiful image of a house in the newly fallen snow. A house portrait does not always have to be a precise architectural rendering of the building, but can depict more intimately, something about the time spent there.

Family property- this painting captures a scene from across the road and encompasses the view of the mountain behind.

Family property- this painting captures a scene from across the road and encompasses the view of the mountain behind.

This painting based on a client's travels in Ireland captures a wonderful view from a church on the southern coast.

This painting based on a view seen during a family trip to Ireland captures a wonderful view from an old  church on the southern coast.

Commissioned by the cabinet maker, Tom painted a french poem and decorated the cabinet doors with images of wine, bread and lavender.

Commissioned by the cabinet maker, Tom painted a favorite French poem on one door,  and decorated the others with images of wine, bread, and lavender.

A favorite calf was the subject of this painting commission.

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more of Tom’s paintings here

Winter Class Schedule is Now Available

DSCF9520-quote:creativityIt is exciting to think we are now starting our second season with the Studio School! We’ve been open since September, 2012, and so far, so good. Every new class brings new people, and folks are beginning to drop in off the street to check us out. The studio itself continues to grow and evolve into a real working studio, with evidence of last semester’s classes and workshops everywhere in the form of drawings, paintings, sculpture, monoprints, and there are even some gold leaf fragments lingering in the corners from the christmas ornament workshops in December.

       Our new set of classes and workshops offers some repeats of popular workshops like The Drawing Workshop with Ewa Pohl and Flick’s Figurative Sculpture Workshop. We’ve added a couple of weekly Drawing and Painting classes lead by Tom Mullany. We’re very excited to offer some brand new classes too. Arts and Crafts Tuesdays for kids, and what I think will be an awesome workshop, the Intro to Mosaic class taught by local mosaic artist and gardener, Candace Clough. And there’s more! Check out our schedule -see links below.  Hope to see you sometime at the studio!