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Last weekend was our annual 3D/ 3 Day ( Lightweight) Cement Garden Sculpture Workshop with Candace Clough and we hosted artists from near and as far away as North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida!  We had a great time, three days of carving and sculpting polystyrene ( aka styrofoam) , wrapping in mesh, and then applying layers of cement. Lots of fun spending time with new friends and old acquaintances! So great to have all these amazing artists  in the studio, bringing their energy and creativity to their projects. You can check out this video for quick inside look at some of their work. 

One thought on “Video on vimeo

  1. Great times at the workshop – thank you for holding the space for us and thanks to Candace for teaching us! And thanks to all the old and new friends for being there and being supportive 🙂 Love the video 🙂

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