The Winery Barn Mural is Finished!

Finally, the weather cooperated and the last two days of work were sunny and precipitation free. Tom put the finishing touches on last night just before sunset. I went back today to photograph. It looks perfect and everyone at the winery seems to love it! Yay!  Here are a few photos taken late this morning but I will definitely go back soon, maybe sometime in the later hours of the day, to get it without the strong shadows.  If you want to check it out and maybe even have a nice glass of wine or two, you can get directions to the Winery at Bull Run here. Wonderful place to go on an early summer evening or Saturday afternoon, or anytime really! This weekend they have a music festival happening so call ahead if you want tickets.


And more progress….

Still extremely windy out there today!  Standing on the scaffolding with the plastic tarp flapping up and down wildly made it feel like we were on a ship all day.  A little chilly, too. But, all in all, it was a good day of painting and almost every surface is now covered. The end is in sight.DSC_0016

Day Two of Painting the Barn Mural at the Winery

Finally, the sun came out and work on the painting can progress- these photos are from the second day of painting.  Heading back to the site today, hoping to accomplish a lot.  We have a Friday deadline as there is a big music festival going on at the winery this Saturday and Sunday. Shouldn’t be a problem- the weather report says clear skies for the next 3 or 4 days.  You can check out winery’s Bluebell Music Festival here.




More photos later today…

New Project: Barn Painting at The Winery at Bull Run

Last year, Tom completed a mural for the tasting room at The Winery at Bull Run, located in Centerville, Va.  It’s a beautiful room with a lot of natural wood and stone accents, one side all windows with a view of the rolling fields. The mural spans the area behind the bar. It depicts a view of the First Battle of Bull Run, complete with regiments from both sides poised to fire the first shots of battle, and all the onlookers from DC who came to picnic on that fateful day.

The winery has been doing great since they opened, with lots of different events happening there on the grounds. It is in a wonderful location, it sits adjacent to the Manassas battlefield and is a quick get away for DC folks, being the closest winery to the city.


A few months ago the owner decided he needed a barn/ storage shed and wanted to enhance the building with a barn painting, and so he called Tom.


Together, they decided that a 20’s era advertisement would be a good theme and Tom came up with many possibilities.  Here is the design that was chosen.sketch-barn- TWBR-DSC_0046-twbr

Despite the weather, Tom and his assistant Ewa started the drawing yesterday. They got a good bit done considering the threat of rain all day! Today, he is mixing colors and when it stops raining…… Thursday, Friday? he’ll be back to work.

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Stay tuned ~ we’ll post more photos soon as the mural progresses! You can click follow in the lower left corner if you’d like to receive updates.