Jacque Towner

Jacque Towner is a mosaic artist working in a range of styles and materials, After starting out in stained glass over 20 years ago she moved on to explore mosaic art–enjoying the freedom of mosaic after the more structured realm of traditional stained glass, and also the variety of possible materials. 

Jacque currently lives in the village of Flint Hill, where she is a member of a vibrant artistic community revolving around Mullany Art Studio. Her work has been included in a number of exhibits at the studio, and she is a contributor to the Sunflower Mural (designed and spearheaded by Candace Clough) that graces the exterior of the studio. 

When not busy in her studio, she loves gardening, hiking in the surrounding countryside and volunteering on the board of the local animal shelter. Her two rescue dogs, Max and Maggie, are her constant companions both in the studio and out.

contact Jacque at JTowner1130@gmail.com

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