Dyeing and Printing with Natural Materials

This summer we are offering a series of three workshops involving dyeing and printing with natural materials with expert gardener and artist Donna LaPre ( bio)

Madder Root– New date and time TBD
Madder root produces a range of color, from red, orange, salmon, rust and aubergine, depending on the treatment of the fibers and dye bath. Learn about the plant, how to mordant, dye and modify and make a sample card of the results, using silk, linen and wool. cost $55.  Register here.

Textile Surface Design: Flower & Leaf Printing – New date and time TBD
Using flowers and leaves we’ll pick and bring from our gardens (a suggestions list will be sent to participants), we’ll transfer the colors and shapes to cotton/hemp fabrics using two techniques: pounding and heat bundling. Mordanted fabric will be supplied, and everyone will design their own unique “print”. cost $55.  Register here.

Yellow From Your Yard: Goldenrod, Bidens, Marigold– New date and time TBD
Many shades of yellow can be summoned from flowers that grow in our yards and landscape. Each requires different preparation and dyeing methods.
We’ll bring these plants and a few others and work to capture the variety of sunny summer yellows on fiber samples and record our results. cost $55. Register here.