Mosaic Workshops

Mosaic and Concrete Casting Workshops with Candace Clough ( bio) on the schedule for   Winter/Spring 2018  (scroll down or click on the links for descriptions and link to sign up for workshops)

January 27: Mixed Media Mosaic: Memory Jug Project ( open studio January 28)

February 24: Glass on Glass: Theme Free Choice ( Feb 25 open studio)

March 31: Animal Portraiture in Mosaic ( April 1 open studio)

April 28: Picassiette ( using plate shards) ( April 29 open studio)

May 26, 27, 28 THREE DAY 3-d Mosaic for the Garden

June 23  House Numbers in Mosaic ( June 24 Open studio)




Mixed Media Mosaic Workshop: The Memory Jug Project ( more photos coming) : January 27 ( 2018)  This is a Mixed Media Mosaic Art Project in a sculptural form. Memory Jugs are an old form of folk art, each jug was traditionally ‘decorated’ with bits glass and jewelry, keys, shells, photos mounted on glass, old mementos of which can add up to create a piece of great sentimental value. ( see a bit of history here: A more modern approach might focus on the design and colors used. Each student will receive a jug ( but are welcome to bring a bottle, jug or even a teapot from home to use as a base) A vast array of bits and pieces will be offered but students can also bring their own collection of old jewelry, watch parts, figurines etc etc to incorporate. Pieces will be attached using the very direct groutless method. . $75 includes all. Contact or Register here.



House Numbers in Mosaic: June 23  9am-3pm ( open studio June 24)


We’re making Functional Art! Spruce up your home with a beautiful mosaic of your house numbers. Or make one to give as a gift. It can be as simple or complex as you want. Mosaic just the numbers or design and add some decoration. With Candace Clough $75 all supplies included. Register here


Glass on Glass: February 24, 2018 ( open studio Feb 25)




Glass on Glass Mosaic with Candace Clough. Using colored art glass, translucent beads, and marbles, each participant will design and make a GOG ( glass on glass) mosaic. Enjoy the translucent glow of stained glass without the concern and expense of lead solder. Learn to cut glass and create beauty easily, with light and color. A clear panel of glass in a frame will be provided and participants are encouraged to explore the theme of Your Choice! Bring a photo, drawing or even coloring page for inspiration. Cost $75. Includes all supplies. Register here.


 Animal Portraiture in Mosaic: March 31, 2018 ( open studio April 1)




In this workshop Candace will walk you through translating an image of your pet or other animal into mosaic. Please bring a photo or colored drawing for reference. All supplies are included. 9:30-4 pm.  cost $75. ( Extra studio time on Sunday, April 1 for all mosaic students from any of Candace’s classes – $20)

Register here. $25 deposit- balance pd. on day of workshop.  Send a check ( contact) or Make a Paypal payment here.


Picassiette: Chickens! ~ April 28 2018 ( open studio April 29)


Pique assiette, or picassiette, is french for “stolen from plate”. In this workshop with Candace Clough, students will be working with all manner of broken china, pottery, glass figurines- (start visiting thrift stores now!) There will be lots to choose from here, or you can bring your own. This time around we are focusing on Chickens! Candace will provide lots of photos and will walk each student through drawing and designing their own unique mosaic. This is fast becoming a favorite workshop!  The class fee is $75. Sign up here.


Polymer Clay and Tempered Glass : (new date coming soon)




Learn the technique for making polymer clay tiles and then incorporate tempered glass in a mosaic project with a mirror as a central feature. Participants will use stamps, gold foil and embedded beads to make their own unique tesserae to combine with glass and other pieces of jewelry.  Register here. $20 deposit requested. Paypal payment here. Or send a check here.


MicroMosaics: ( new date tbd)

swinnen   With Candace Clough. Each student should be able to make two of these Micromosaics, one for yourself and make one for a gift! ( or make two for yourself :D) Micromosaic is a traditional method employing thin noodles of stretched glass called filato which translates into “yarn”. Workshop participants will be setting small clippings of both filato and millifiori to make their own amazing designed pendants. $75, all materials included. Sign up here.


Groutless Mosaic Christmas Tree Decoration ( date tbd)


Bring your own bling or let Candace provide you with many to choose from.  This technique allows you to adhere the pieces and finish each section as you go ( no waiting to grout) and because it is a dry process, fabric and other unique pieces can be used to a wonderful effect.  The class project for this workshop will be a small 3-d standing christmas tree, just in time for the holidays.  All supplies provided. Cost $75  Register here.




4 thoughts on “Mosaic Workshops

    • Hi Susan- The workshop “Polymer Clay and Mirror Project” on Sept 24 is a mixed media workshop. You have the option to add polymer tiles and mirror to your piece, or not. All media- including tiles, glass, beads, objects, etc will be available so that might be a good option for you!

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