Three Day/ 3d : Cement Forms and applying Tesserae

With Candace Clough. Three-day workshop -May 26,27,28, 9am-2pm each day. This workshop has TWO OPTIONS. Option #1: First and foremost is learning to building simple forms in lightweight cement. Sculptural pieces can be used in the garden, perfect for exterior mosaic. Participants will gain experience with carving expanded polystyrene, applying the fiberglass mesh, and finally sculpting with a high strength cement layer. (Cost $180) Option #2  For those who already have a form either made during the last workshop or otherwise. Come and work on covering your form in tesserae with the support of Candace and other students. A great chance to get these pieces closer to finish! (Cost $60 per day).  Register here.

Below: Workshop 2016 was great fun!