Mini Art Camps: Summer 2022

Summertime Fun in the Studio

with Half Day  mini CAMP Workshops

-for kids age 7-12

Summer allows more time for kids to get creative. No homework, no required outcomes. In our studio we encourage experimentation and the simple joy of learning a new technique and making something original. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging, but mostly it’s just a lot of fun.

This year we are offering half day camp workshops  in June and Julyfrom 9:00am-12:15pm  On each camp workshop day we will be doing some drawing, discussing art, and doing a project to be completed, or mostly completed the same day.   Cost per workshop class is $30 (all supplies are included) . Classes are limited to 8. Sign up in advance to reserve your child’s spot.

1st workshop day is Monday, June 27: Making Paper from junk mail ( and other scrap papers)- We will create the mash and learn how to “pull” sheets. We will also be experimenting with adding color and creating designs imbedded in the paper. Each student will take home at least 3-4 pieces of their own handmade paper.

2nd workshop is Wednesday, June 29 : Bookmaking 

3rd workshop is Wednesday, July 6:  

These mini workshop camps offer children a great opportunity to sample some of the techniques and processes involved in making art.

Possible projects include:  Book cover illustrations, paper-making,  clay figures, self portraits, painting landscapes – bright colors and brushy textures, Australian animal paintings, printmaking, theater boxes, mosaic decorated frames, copying the masters: matching colors tones, 3-d painted wood constructions, cement casting, corn husk dolls, and more.  

4 thoughts on “Mini Art Camps: Summer 2022

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  2. Has it been determined which classes will be offered on which dates? May I sign a child up for specific classes?

    • Hi Sandra- We are still working on the exact projects for each date and will have that posted in a few days. But yes these are offered as unique classes and so a child can come to one or two or more, whichever ones they can or want to.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I’m hoping my almost seven-year-old granddaughter can take several classes. I’ll watch for the post (email?).

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