Mini Art Camps: Summer 2018

Summertime Fun in the Studio

with Half Day MINI CAMPS

-for kids ages 6-12



Summer allows more time for kids to get creative. No homework, no required outcomes. In our studio we encourage experimentation and the simple joy of learning a new technique and making something new. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging but mostly it’s just a lot of fun.   Wood constructions, large canvas paintings, handmade musical instruments, plaster casting, handmade paper. These are just a few of the possible projects we might do in the summer mini art camps. ( more info on each specific day/project coming soon)

This year we are offering half day camps on Wednesdays and some Mondays  9:00-11:45 throughout June and July, beginning June 6th. Each camp day we will introduce an artist or art technique, and a related project will be worked on and completed the same day.   Students may sign up for one half day class at a time. Cost per class is $25 (discounts for siblings, and all supplies are included) . Classes are limited to 8. Sign up in advance to reserve your child’s spot.

Wednesday dates are as follows:  June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27, July 11, July 18

Monday dates still TBD

These mini camps offer children a great opportunity to sample some of the techniques and processes involved in making art.

Possible projects include:  Book cover illustrations, painted wooden snakes, clay figures, self portraits, painting landscapes – bright colors and brushy textures, australian animal paintings, printmaking, theater boxes, mosaic decorated frames, copying the masters: matching colors tones, 3-d painted wood constructions, cement casting, corn husk dolls, and more.  


4 thoughts on “Mini Art Camps: Summer 2018

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  2. Has it been determined which classes will be offered on which dates? May I sign a child up for specific classes?

    • Hi Sandra- We are still working on the exact projects for each date and will have that posted in a few days. But yes these are offered as unique classes and so a child can come to one or two or more, whichever ones they can or want to.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I’m hoping my almost seven-year-old granddaughter can take several classes. I’ll watch for the post (email?).

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