Postcard Mail Art Show

We’re very excited to finally get all these wonderful postcards posted! I guess we should say posted for the second time, as every one of these postcards has already been mailed and posted, postmarked by the U.S.P.S.

First, and foremost, we want to thank everyone who participated! What a wonderful collection of artwork it turns out to be! The idea for this event came about as a response to the pandemic and the Stay-at-Home orders. It offered a way for us to keep making art together and function as a small fundraiser for the studio while workshops were on hold. We also thought making art might bring a little fun and a challenge to our days during what was ( and is still?) a stressful time. Mail Art seemed like a safe and accessible way to share and connect.

And connect we did! We received over 60 cards during this Mail Art Event. While there was no set theme, many chose to be inspired by and create content directly related to current events, while others simply reflected on what was important to them, or made something beautiful, or just had fun exploring a particular medium.

A word about how the page is organized. The postcards are divided into groups A-G not according to anything in particular just to make it easier to move around. They are in fact mostly in order of when we received them. Below each group is a link that will take you to a page where the artwork is presented in a larger format, and some have their back side posted as well. Also, on each page is a link back to this main page. One more thing is at anytime you can click on a card and see a large singular version of it and then proceed from there as a slideshow. I’m sure you’ll figure it out :).