Watercolor Classes


Keeping a Sketchbook: a Watercolor Workshop with artist Carole Pivarnik   January 21, 1pm-4:30pm

 ( see Carole’s bio here)


With Carol Pivarnik. Covers drawing/ painting from direct observation in a sketchbook, supported by written information about the subject. Also covered: subject choice, page composition, simplified drawing, watercolor techniques, lettering, and sketch kit supplies. Lots of guided practice. beginners welcome! $48. sign up here


Watercolor Practice: Common Landscape Elements  Date and Time tbd

Covers a basic approach to painting studies of skies, trees, mountains, rocks, water, and open fields. The importance of accurate drawing, massing shapes, consistent light source, atmospheric perspective, and working “loose to tight, light to dark, back to front” are discussed. Students get lots of hands-on practice. Beginners welcome. Half day. $55 sign up here



Compelling Compositions from Lackluster Photographs Date and Time TBD

Students analyze overly-busy or uninspiring photos to identify a compelling subject, then complete composition exercises and value and color studies to develop a painting plan for the chosen subject. All experience levels welcome. Half day. $55  sign up here



Watercolor Process: Easy  Pet Portraits Date and Time TBD

Students are guided through a step-by-step process for creating a realistic, expressive sketch-style portrait of their pet in ink and watercolor. Covered: analyzing reference photos; identifying values; achieving a strong likeness; producing realistic line work; depicting features and textures accurately; using color boldly. Some drawing and/or watercolor experience helpful. Full day.  $75 sign up here

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