Art Tour Coming up November 5th and 6th

‘Tis the season and the RAAC Fall Art Tour is coming up soon! Still lots to do to get the Studio and Front Room Gallery ready but we’re excited about the great group of talented artists we will be featuring. Hope you can come by and visit us! We’re open 10 am to 5pm each day.

Here are some the artists we will be showing in the studio/gallery, each with multiple works exhibited. So much amazing and wonderful work in a variety of mediums. Some of the artists will be working in the studio while the tour is going on so feel free to take a look and get a close up view of their process, and feel free to ask questions!

Tom Mullany: Painting, Sculpture, Works on paper, etc

Kerrie Mullany: Linocut prints

Jennifer Tepper: Painting

Candace Clough: Mosaics

Jacque Towner: Mosaics

Beth Schmalz: Modern Embroidery/ Applied Textile Art

Holly Flowers: Mosaics

Nancy Kline: Mosaics/ Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Pat Reid: Mosaics

Still adding more work daily!

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