A new season, another beginning.

IMG_0457Before I do any recap of the summer’s activities or list our new fall/winter classes,  the first thing on my agenda is to invite everyone to come join us to celebrate our 5th anniversary and view a new show of artwork on September 30, from 5pm- 8pm! Along with a show of paintings, mosaics, drawings, collage and sculptures made by students who have participated in our classes over the years, we will also be trying out some art games, holding a drawing for a drawing, giving away other free stuff, and of course, there’ll be food, music, and drink. We hope you can come by and see the show and have some fun.

I’m also putting together a slide show of studio photos from over the years that I’ll show sometime later but for now here’s an interesting pairing: On the left side, Then (a lonely me painting studio walls, pre-opening, Aug 2012)  and on the right, Now (a studio full of new and old friends making art during last week’s mosaic workshop, Sept 2017) .  I like now better!

For those interested in looking at what’s on the schedule so far ( more will be added later) you can have a look on our Workshops and Classes page.  As always, thanks for looking and we hope to see you in a class this year, whether it’s your first, or your fiftieth. ( yes, some of our students have been to 50 classes, or more!)

And one more thing. If you’re not sure how to be an artist here ‘s a sweet little graphic I found to help you figure it out 😀 ( sorry could not find attribution)  See you in the studio! Kerrie M.








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